About Me

Hi, I’m Abi (my friends call me Abz), and this is life with me.

I am a twenty-something, born and bred in Essex, with a BA in Journalism and Creative Writing.

I love music, song-writing (and writing in general), reading, singing, watching TV and movies, especially rom-coms. I also love laughing, day – dreaming, nice hugs, spontaneous moments and good surprises. Above all, I love Jesus.

Welcome to Abi’s World. I hope you enjoy this crazy ride as much as I do.

To contact me about working with me please email theabidiaries@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram at The_Abi_Diaries and shoot me a DM.  To contact me about anything I’ve written about, leave a comment on my posts, or DM me on Instagram and I will get back to you.

Love, Abi Xx


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