My Musts Of The Month: August 2022

August slipped away into a moment in time…but here are some of my favourite things from this month: Some Fantastic Food I’ve been meaning to try Neat Burger for a while, and this month I finally did. The vegan burger joint is good for people, animals, the environment and your taste buds (😉), and I … More My Musts Of The Month: August 2022



So the Big C got me. Yup, this still-mask-wearing, disposable-cutlery-using germophobe caught Covid! Sigh. But thank God, it was only bad for a few days and I lived to tell the tale! But, it is also why there have been no blog posts, podcasts or vlogs recently 😬. I even had to skip April’s Must … More Update

Happea Days

If you’ve been following my blog/vlog/podcast/socials, you will know that I have been a vegetarian for a while, and options used to be VERY limited. In fact, for many years, vegetarians and vegans have had to settle for salad or chips when eating out, but now most popular restaurants, in the UK and across the … More Happea Days